"We wanted something that would be a combination of me and my husband. I love stars and my husband is a seismologist. She came up with this design that is so off the charts with deep colbalt blue for the stars and it depicts a seismic event. I love colbalt blue, and she didn't give up until she found the exact shade of blue in glass.

I would recommend her to anyone. She is quirky and fun, and God, she is good."

Pat Randall

Custom Stained Glass Panels

Stars stained glass

Custom Stained Glass Panels

Bring your stained glass concept to life.

Do you have an idea for a stained glass window or a favorite color that you want to use? Fran Stoval is a highly creative and versatle artist who can bring your idea to life!

When you're ready to begin your project, start by measuring the window. The estimate is based on the square footage of the project.

Fran will meet with you to discuss your idea.

Some people know exactly what look they are going for, others need help deciding on the style and concept. Fran is easy to work with and always receptive of your ideas. She will help you by showing you books and visiting your home to see what your style is. Are you formal or abstract? What colors do you use in the rest of your house? Do you have a favorite plant or landscape?

Using this information she will come up with the perfect pattern.

Update your Home or Office with Stained Glass Panels

Stained glass is a wonderful way to express yourself, but it also drastically increases the value and beauty of your home.

The windows can be permanently installed or made to fit so if you sell your house you can take the piece with you.

Fran is so confident that her stained glass will stand the test of time that she offers a Lifetime Guarantee on the integrity of the design. If the piece breaks due to a defect in the design, she will repair it for free.

Email Fran Stoval at to schedule a consultation.

See her portfolio of stained glass work.

View a sample contract

You can print it out and send it to Fran. Please note that the contract does not go into effect until she responds.

Possible Projects

  • Cabinet Inserts
  • Custom Made Stained Windows
  • Office Decor
  • Sidelights
  • Transoms
  • Front Door
  • Sidelights
  • Room Dividers
  • Kitchen Cabinet Inserts